A Beautiful Tragedy, dir David Kinsella, Norway (shooting location: Russia), 60 min

A diary of Oksana, who strives towards beauty in the merciless ballet school in Perm. What kind of ideals are they that make her accept humiliation and give up food and her youth?


Tuesday, 24.03, 17:30

All the World is a Stage, dir Nirmal Chander Dandriyal, India (shooting location: India), 60 min

Generations ago the forefathers of the Sidi travelled from Africa to India and settled down. Now the men from this community bring their music and dance to the stages of the world, in order to find ways to escape marginalisation.

Saturday, 28.03, 20:30

Alone and Anonymous, dir Debora Diniz, Brasil, 18 min

A man without documents is brought back to life in hospital, but somehow it seems it does not make him happy.

Thursday, 26.03, 10:00

Bilal, dir Sourav Sarangi, India, 92 min

A story about love, fun, cruelty and hope and a very small boy living with his brother and blind parents in Kolkata, India.

Wednesday, 25.03, 15:30

Central Cemetery, dir Andres Melendez, Colombia, 34 min

At the heart of a town in Colombia, right in the middle of all the violence and agitation, the souls at the central cemetery bring some comfort and relief to the living.   

Friday, 27.03, 15:30

Desert Brides, dir Ada Ushpiz, Israel, 90 min

How do Beduin women cope, if their husbands have two wives?

Tuesday, 24.03, 15:30

Dizzy Quit Rest Start Again, dir Esther Maagdenberg, The Netherlands, 49 min

A film about dancing, which fills Esther’s dance teacher’s body, mind and (daily) life.

Friday, 27.03, 21:00

Enduring Life, dir Brechtje Boeke, The Netherlands, 37 min
A film about an eldrely couple and their daily life.

Saturday, 28.03, 12:30

From Honey to Ashes, dir Lucas Bessire, USA (shooting location: Paraguay), 47 min

In 2004 buldozers reached the last isolated group of hunter-gatherers in the forests of northern Paraguay. The group gave up their isolation and had to get used to village life, anthropologists and everything else that goes with ‘civilisation’.

Thursday, 26.03, 12:00

Half Past Three. A Movie About Rich Life in a Poor Country, dir Tomas Hodan, Czech Republic (shooting location: Ukraine), 63 min

A cheerful film about the everday life of villagers in a remote corner of Ukraine.

Saturday, 28.03, 17:30

Hobby, dir Ciro Altabas, Spain, 50 min

A fast-paced story about the ways in which the Japanese spend time in contemporary virtual reality.

Thursday, 26.03, 15:30

If the Vagina had Teeth, dir Liivo Niglas and Frode Storaas, Estonia/Norway/Mozambique (shooting location: Mozambique), 55 min

Vicious songs, lustful dances and a lot of beer – this is how rain-making takes place in one part of western Mozambique.

Thursday, 26.03, 18:00

Kihnu Wedding, dir Meelis Muhu, Estonia, 93 min
Summer, Kihnu island, women in red skirts and a three-day wedding party.

Wednesday, 25.03, 18:30 (Premier)

Lakshmi and Me, dir Nishtha Jain, India, 59 min

A multilayered film that blooms as we observe the lives of two women – the filmmaker and her servant – against a background of cast tradition. 

Friday, 27.03, 15:30

Lifelibary, dir Amanda Hill, United Kingdom, 15 min

A poetic insight into the microcosmos of the Manchester library

Friday, 27.03, 15:30

Luc de Heusch - Wild Thinking, dir Karine de Villers, Belgium, 50 min

A look into the interesting worldview of famous ethnologist and filmmaker Luc de Heusch.

Wednesday, 25.03, 10:00

No Way to Heaven, dir Janos Tedeschi, (shooting location: Thailand, India), 70 min

Young Swiss man Fritz searches for blessing by following his Indian gurus and consuming only sunshine and fruit juice. Does it work out?

Thursday, 26.03, 10:00

Old Man Peter, dir Ivan Golovnev, Russia, 26 min

A film about an old Khanty man, the last shaman of the Kazym river, and his everyday life in the forest.

Thursday, 26.03, 15:30

On the Road With Maruch, dir Florian Walter, Germany (shooting location: Chiapas, Mexico), 43 min

A story about being on the road with Maruch, an indigenous woman, for whom the trip is an attempt to free herself from her community, her former husband and the terror of paramilitary groups.

Wednesday, 25.03, 15:30

On the Way, dir Freddy Mouchard, France (shooting location: Belgium, USA, Spain, Marocco), 75 min

By travelling in the world with his guitar, this man creates his music.

Friday, 27.03, 19:30

Professional  Foreigner - Asen Balikci and Visual Ethnography, dir Rolf Husmann and Manfred Krüger, Germany (shooting location: Istanbul, London, Bulgaria, Sikkim (India)), 60 min
A portrait of this classic figure in visual anthropology, taking us into the worlds inhabitted by Canadian Inuit, Afgan nomads, villagers in Bulgaria and in the mountains of Nepal.

Wednesday, 25.03, 10:00

Right Man at the Right Place, dir Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard, Cedric Dupire, France (shooting location: Guinea), 65 min

Djembeplayer Fadouba Oularé is primarily a musician, but also the elder of his clan, soldier, thiefhunter and healer.

Saturday, 28.03, 10:00

School on the Move, dir Michel Debats, France, (shooting location: Russia), 50 min

A nomadic school working with Evenk children in a community of reindeer herders.

Tuesday, 24.03, 20:30

She-J, dir Elvan Kivilcim, Turkey (shooting location: Turkey, Netherlands, France), 63 min

Energetic music and two woman DJs, including Beyza, the first female DJ in Turkey who says her work is like selling pork in a Muslim neighbourhood.

Friday, 27.03, 21:00

Seeds of Summer, dir Hen Iasker, Israel, 63 min

An intimate look into the obligatory military service of young women in Israel.  

Saturday, 28.03, 15:30

Stone Pastures, dir Donagh Coleman, Finland, Ireland (shooting location: Tibet), 65 min

A story of a nomad family living in the Himalaya.  

Tuesday, 24.03, 20:30

The Beginner, dir Inka Achté, Finland, 28 min

How an elderly woman penetrates the universe of computers and the Internet in order to have access to her granddaughter's world.

Thursday, 26.03, 15:30

The Last Rites of the Honorable Mr. Rai, dir Jayasinhji Jhala, USA, India (shooting location: India), 47 min

Detailed description of the Hindu rites of cremation on the banks of the sacred river Ganges in Varanasi.

Thursday, 26.03, 18:00

The Queen’s Film, dir Sergio Mercurio, Brasil, 70 min
A film about an elderly woman who discovered the artist in herself only later in life.

Thursday, 26.03, 20:30

The Woman From the Bubble, dir Netta Loevy, Israel, 59 min

To be an interpreter for deaf people is much more than to be an ordinary intepreter...

Saturday, 28.03, 10:00

Time, dir Dainis Klava, Latvia/Estonia, 52 min

A look at the life of the Sami reindeer herders.  

Thursday, 26.03, 12:00

Today the Hawk Takes One Chick, dir Jane Gillooly, USA (shooting location: Swaziland), 72 min

The only witnesses to the beauty of Swaziland are children and their grandparents, as the middle generation is lost to AIDS.  

Saturday, 28.03, 12:30

Trumpet’s Republic, dir Stefano Missio, Italy (shooting location: Serbia), 48 min

The best of the emotional side of Serbia: everyday life and trumpet music can’t be separated from each other.

Thursday, 26.03, 20:30

Unworldly, dir Vladimir Golovnev, Russia, 22 min

Two disabled men share their home in a village that is a pilgrimage destination to both old-believers and hippies alike.

Friday, 27.03, 15:30

Uncomfortable, dir Eleonore Merlin, Anna Salzberg, Malasia, 28 min

Women in changing Islamic society.

Saturday, 28.03, 15:30

Yolki Palki, dir Alexander Gentelev, Israel, 91 min

A film about Russian immigrants, their acclimatisation and identity, in Israel.

Wednesday, 25.03, 21:00

Wanderers, dir Zoltan Szalkai, Hungary (shooting location: Russia, Khanty), 50 min

The Khanty are nomadic reindeer herders who feel that their culture is threatened. One of them tells their story in Khanty, the story of their life and their survival.

Wednesday, 25.03, 12:30

Vera and Janis Lacis, dir Aigars Lielbardis, Latvia (shooting location: Russia), 30 min

One day in the life of two elder Latvians in their Siberian village.

Friday, 27.03, 15:30

Where the Peul Go, dir Sylvian Vesco, Belgium and France (shooting location: Mali), 52 min
Intimate portrait of seminomadic herders in Western Africa, whose lifestyle is facing the rapidly changing world.

Wednesday, 25.03, 12:30

Where To?, dir Max Kerkhoff, Germany (shooting location: Berlin), 45 min

A look into the the lives of disillusioned teenagers in the suburbs of Berlin: summer days whiled away with beer, junk food and the playstation.

Saturday, 28.03, 17:30

Women of the Isles, dir Lotta Petronella, Finland, 58 min

The fate and everyday life of four very different women on the Aland islands.

Tuesday, 24.03, 17:30