Fascinating sensible story of life March 24, 2018

Yuliya Len, Worldfilm blog team

The heroine of the film “Donna Haraway. Storytelling for Earthly Survival” is a distinguished scholar, Donna Haraway. She made her researches in the field of human and animal consciousness,  philosophy and literature.

The world we see in the film may seem a timeless island at first, some utopian place where pure ideas reign.  To a certain degree it is, sure. thanks to Donna, whose worldview suggest non-trivial way of reasoning about our rapidly changing world.

Gradually we understand that there are no strict borders between science and “life”, academic and personal biography. Everything is interconnected and the question is how we speak about it. Donna is a person who you like from the first minute. She tells about sophisticated issues in a tremendous and fascinating manner. Donna Haraway shares her deep and thorough opinion about how the ways of storytelling have changed during last century. We listen to stories about her life and insights. We learn about very personal things, which turn out to be so significant for several post war generations: academic career, non-traditional family relations, feminist movement. Her narrative is stopped by flashbacks from the past – memories which are still present in photos, object, books.

It’s impossible to retell this story as its every detail matters: family memories, toys from childhood, senescent dog. The director puts the viewer into an atmosphere of joy and reason. We don’t hear any other human voices during the watching. Still we can hear to various sounds – bird-singing, wind in the forest, beloved dog of Donna.

“Donna Harraway. Storytelling for Earthly Survival” is not just a documentary. It’s a fascinating sensible story of life, creativity, thinking. About universe.