Festival guide: Body and Soul March 23, 2017

Sub-program on the challenges of our bodies and souls

The protagonists of the films about body and soul are forced to hold difficult battles with themselves and the surrounding society in hopes of leading a normal life. In the grim film „The Battle with Satan“ we see modern medicine collide with traditional and strict religious beliefs which makes finding a way out very complicated for young women who are believed to be „possessed by satan“. The protagonists of „The Canaries“ are struggling with serious health issues caused by toxic mold. The decrease in the quality of life and isolation from the outside world hits them hard but a big part of the society is not even willing to take their illness seriously. In „Natural Disorder“, Jacob, a young man with a physical disability and bright mind asks what does it mean to be normal in today’s world. In a way, the exploration of „normality“ and the question of who is normal in our complex world is central to the sub-program of „Body and Soul“ and perhaps to documentary filmmaking in general.

  • For a few chocolates more screening on Tuesday 12.00, World Film screening room
  • Alzheimer's: A Love Story screening on Wednesday 10.00, Jakob Hurt hall
  • The Battle with Satan screening on Thursday 14.30, Jakob Hurt hall
  • Natural Disorder screening on Friday 18.30, Jakob Hurt hall
  • The Canaries screening on Saturday 15.00, Jakob Hurt hall