Festival guide: Finno-Ugric stories March 22, 2017

There is a long tradition of Estonian ethnographers and filmmakers to explore the worlds of Finno-Ugric peoples who are scattered around different corners of Russia. Most of them struggle to keep their language and traditions alive and these struggles are at the core of the sub-program „Finno-Ugric Stories“

The program “Finno-Ugric stories” brings you two films made by Estonian filmmakers – one of them explores the traces of the earlier ethnographic field trips of the Estonian National Museum researchers to the Vepsian villages and their current inhabitants (a film by Indrek Jääts and Maido Selgmäe). The other, a film by Liivo Niglas called “The Land of Love”, won the award of best Estonian documentary in 2016 by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

  • The land of love screening on Wednesday 14.00, World Film screening room
  • A trip through the land of the Veps: 50 years later screening on Wednesday 16.00, World Film screening room

Also visit „Echo of the Urals“ - permanent exhibition about Finno-Ugric peoples in Estonian National Museum.