Festival guide: On the Move March 21, 2017

Sub-program on mobility and migration

We all strive for a place to stay, a place to call home. But the world is on the move. The illusion of staying put has been shaken, causing fear and confusion in both those on who stay and those who are looking for a new place and a new life. The program „On the move“ portrays the experience of being on the road – both forced and voluntary migration. The most radical approach here is perhaps demonstrated by the authors of „Those who jump“, who gave the camera to the man on the move and stepped themselves behind the scenes. The film, dealing with politically and emotionally highly charged topic achieves almost uncomfortable immediacy by this move. A film about the men, striving to cross the fence at the border between Morocco and Spanisch enclave Melilla takes an autobiographical approach. In this way it crosses the usual distinction between the filmmakers and the filmed ones, which is usually the approach, setting the tone and limits the space of interpretation.


  • A Man Returned screening on Tuesday 16:30, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • Altimir screening on Thursday, 13:00, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • Arlette. Courage is a Muscle screening on Thursday 12:00, World Film screening room
  • Integration Inch'Allah screening on Friday, 17:00, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • Journey to Aleppo screening on Tuesday 16:30, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • Sand Men screening on Thursday, 13:00, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • The Migrant Woman screening at World Film showcase Tuesday-Saturday
  • Inside the Labyrinth screening on Tuesday, 13:00, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • Those who jump screening on Tuesday, 14:45, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • Land of Soul screening on Saturday, 16:45, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • These Objects, Those Memories screening on at World Film showcase Tuesday-Saturday
Pille Runnel, director of the festival