Four films. Four views. Four worlds.  March 20, 2018

Yuliya Len, Worldfilm blog team

Our world changes with astronomy speeds. Technologies are far ahead of our audacious fantasies. How to meet unpredictable tomorrow. Four films devoted to being a human in the world of technologies show the viewer non-trivial ways of coping with that.
Nora Fingscheidt introduces us into the world without TV, internet and cellphones. The community of Mennonites attempts to stop the moment and preserve their little world pure. But the big World is just behind the hence. Who knows, if they can stay “Without the World”.

"Without the World"

“The world is mine” can be the slogan of personages of the self-title film. They also create their own universe, on the edge of fantasies and technologies, but it’s the world of future where cyber-relations are more actual than everyday reality.

“The world is mine”

The inhabitants of “The Quiet zone” suffer from technologies not virtually but physically. They are electromagnetically hypersensitive. Though medicine still doubts if there is such a disease, they join together and live in “the quiet zone”, where because of Green Bank Radio Telescope broadcast is almost forbidden. Recently this zone has come under the risk of close. The community will probably need to move away.

“The Quiet zone”

“Donna Harraway. Story telling for earthly survival” is devoted to the distinguished scholar, specialist in problems of consciousness and cyborg feminism. Donna Harraway’s reasonings about changing world and its narrative turns into a fascinating story of life and thinking. The film immerses us into the world, full of sounds, images and thoughts.

“Donna Harraway. Story telling for earthly survival”

"Without This World" 115 min, Saturday (24.03) 14:15

"The World is Mine" 70 min, Wednesday (21.03) 17:00

"The Quiet Zone" 45 min, Saturday (24.03) 13.00

"Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival" 81 min, Friday (23.03) 18:45