I WAS A SOLDIER  March 20, 2018

Anastasiia Turusinova, Worldfilm blog team

A war has always been a hard topic for artists no matter in what field one works: a film, a painting or a music. This seems to be a sensitive topic to be touched as it deals with destruction of human nature.
The artists usually work with things that could inspire not only them from the first place, but an audience as well. A war does not inspire. But the films somehow should. The works represented in our film festival for sure will left you inspired as they share unique stories. The films from ‘I was a Soldier’ thematic section are about feelings that general people had to go through. Even nowadays when the actual war is over, it still challenges their existence.  

"Forgotten Army"

The first one is called ‘The Forgotten Army’ and is dedicated to soldiers from military forces that were created to protect East Germany. The communist regime in this non-existing-country made people believe in bright future that needs to be protected. After fall of the Berlin Wall their homeland and everything they used to believe in collapsed. In struggle to find new identity they share their experience with the Signe Astrup - film director that was interested in the story of army without a homeland.

"The Forgotten Army"

The second film ‘Among Wolves’ captured the attempts of Bosnian war veterans to begin a new life after the end of the war. They caught Shawn’s Convey - film director - attention as the veterans founded their own motorcycle club up high in the mountains. They are living new life away from civilisation and conflicts, live in peace and support, breed horses and enjoy their own freedom.

"Among Wolves"

The ability of people that went through very hard events in their lives to move on is truly fascinating and deserves to be captured on film. Make sure not to miss these masterpieces.

"Among Wolves" 91 min, Saturday (24.03) 11:00

"The Forgotten Army" 86 min, Friday (23.03) 13:15