Is it easy to be young? March 18, 2019

Anastasiia Turusinova, Worldfilm blog team

Soviet time was hard for many nations and states. The hardest it was for youth – under the Soviet rule you were not supposed to fully express yourself. Strict limitations provided by the state, harsh propaganda and censorship basically made your voice invisible if it was contracting to official state’s line. Juris Podnieks through the lens of his film camera tried to show the moods of youth.

Five thousand people are dancing and screaming at the concert, they seem to be really happy to be able to express emotions today. Through their hysterical yell one can see and feel the scream of their souls. It’s an unofficial protest against lack of freedom.  

Nowadays for the young generations it is hard to imagine non-free societies. If you want to experience rebel of the 1980s and enjoy crazy hairstyles, feel free to come and watch “Is it easy to be young?” at 10:00 on Tuesday 19.03.

"Is it easy to be young?" dir. Juris Podnieks, 80 min, Latvia