Mr. Finnes Reality Tunnel March 18, 2019

Anastasiia Turusinova, Worldfilm blog team

If you have ever tried any psychedelic drugs, from the first minute of Henrik Edelbo’s film you’ll feel like you are on the trip again. Montage, colours, soundtrack and footage immediately create a feeling of soft falling apart. No, you are not tripping right now, you are watching “Mr. Finnes Reality Tunnel”.

This movie is a one-hour dive into a life of a Danish artist that is creating psychedelic pieces of art every day. His sketches are exhibited in the nearest bar, when at night he plays DJ-sets and meets his friends. He is excited to become a part of Danish Art history as now he is preparing exhibition for a Vejle Art Museum.  

Mr. Finnes likes to take drugs in order to get some inspiration for his art. He doesn’t consider himself as a harsh drug addict, he just feels that psychedelic experience helps him to go deep with his creativity. If you are intrigued and want to find out how to be a Danish artist, do drugs, live in the studio and be a DJ at the same, make sure to come to ERM at 19:15 on Tuesday 19.03 and enjoy.

"Mr. Finnes Reality Tunnel", dir. Henrik Edelbo, 47 min, Denmark