9th Worldfilm festival in Tartu, Estonia at
March 19th–25th 2012


Worldfilm is a documentary film festival, developing interest towards anthropological, analytical approach to cultures and societies. We welcome film entries from all over the world. Especially the independent filmmakers  are encouraged to submit their works. We also encourage submitting student films.  Each year, the festival becomes a lively community of filmmakers and the audience. We invite authors of the submitted films to be present at our festival in order to introduce their films and discuss their works after the screening.

The event is open to everybody, including creative, curious and knowledgeable filmmakers, scholars, students and all the others, who care about the world around them and love the films bringing this world closer to them.  About 50 films will be screened during the festival week. 

Festival does not have competition program.  In addition to the film program, the festival involves round tables, workshops, exhibitions and special programs. 

We welcome you to Tartu!


For the festival, all films, which have been produced after January 1st 2010 and have not yet been screened at Worldfilm festival or rejected by Worldfilm program committee, are eligible.

Entry fee
No fee is charged for entry.

Deadlines for entry


Please note that it is important to enter your documentary at the earliest possible moment.

Format, language and version
Worldfilm accepts the following screening formats
(PAL): Betacam-SP (2 audio channels), HDV, MiniDV, DVCAM, Blu-ray.

Films and videos should be in English, or in their original versions with English subtitles.

Expenses and returns policy of the preview copy

All postal/shipping expenses to the festival are to be paid by the entrants, as well as all other expenses incurred, such as insurance, etc. When filling out shipment or customs forms, please assign the package a value that does not exceed 10 Euros or 10 dollars and state on the envelope: “No commercial value, for cultural purposes only”.

Please note that Worldfilm festival will not return submitted materials to the entrants. 


After selection of a documentary, the festival has the right to:
- use a maximum of four minutes of video from the documentary for publicity and online purposes
- use all publicity material to promote the festival
- keep the DVDs of selected documentaries in its archive for non-circulating use and educational purposes

Transport and insurance of the screening copy


The festival must receive the screening copy of the selected film by  March 1rst 2012. The festival will return the copy within four weeks of the end of the festival.

Transport costs

The costs of transport of all videos (both from the EU as well as from outside the EU) to the festival office are the responsibility of the applicant, but Worldfilm will pay for their return to the destination of choice.

Insurance for the shipping of films and videos to and from the Estonia is the responsibility of the participants. 

How to enter your film

In order to submit your film, the festival must receive:

- completed entry form (print version)
- copy of the film on DVD (PAL) (English subtitles, dialogue or voice-over),
- synopsis in English, abt. 200 words (electronic and print version)
- short biography/filmography of the director (electronic and print version)

Your entry will be accepted only if all the required materials and information are received on time. We will only consider copies of the films on DVD, no versions uploaded online will be taken into consideration.

A complete entry form is available HERE. Please print it out, sign and enclose it with the preview copy.

Contact information

Entries, DVDs and documentation, as well as all correspondence, should be addressed to:

J.Kuperjanovi 9
Tartu 50409
e-mail: festival@worldfilm.ee
phone: + 372 735 0447

Selection procedure, required items and authorizations

Selection Procedure
The festival program team selects the documentaries. In case of a film being selected, the festival will notify the applicant by the end of December 2011.

If selected, we need the following by 15th of January:

-  Synopsis in English, abt. 200 words (electronic version)
-  A list of credits
-  A biography and filmography of the director
-  The following publicity material:

At least three high-resolution digital film stills. Minimum requirements: 2000 pixels wide, 600 kb, 300 dpi. Preferably jpeg.
A digital photo of the director. Minimum requirements: 2000 pixels wide, 600 kb, 300 dpi. Preferably jpeg.
- in addition, separate press kits are welcome, too