The 9th Worldfilm festival is showing the histories of men March 19, 2012

The Worldfilm festival held 19-25 March in Tartu is screening anthropological documentaries from all over the world. The main theme of the festival this year is life as a male. Also, the Estonian premiere of the Estonian-Swiss joint film Regilaul, Songs of the Ancient Sea (dir Ulrike Koch) will be in Tartu. The idea for the film was sparked a few years back when the director was participating at the Worldfilm festival.

During the festival the main theme of masculinity will be viewed from different angles, from casual camaraderie among the labourers to the Fathers’ Rights, a film portraying Israeli men fighting for their rights as fathers. The film, which premiered in 2011, created great controversy in Israel last year.

In addition, the film programme running from Tuesday to Saturday also accommodates a retrospective of films from Melanesia and Nepal as well as a still life in New Mexico (from French documentary film maker Stéphane Breton); the Estonian Film centenary dedicated to a retrospective of Estonian documentaries; as well as the main selection of 40 anthropological documentaries. On Monday, the main festival programme was preceded by a film seminar on shamanism and visual anthropology.

Exhibitions at the Athena centre and at the Estonian National Museum, namely the photography display “Johannes Pääsuke 120“ and „Pariis2“ at the Athena and the expositions „Estonian Film Pathfinders among the Finno-Ugric and Nordic people”, “Buying fever: Consumer Culture in 1990s-2000s Estonia” together with over 3000 children’s drawings at display at the Exhibition house of the Estonian National Museum are also part of the Worldfilm Festival.



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