World Film Festival 2020 entry regulations

For the festival, all documentary films and video productions, which have been produced after January 1st 2018 and have not yet been submitted to World Film Festival at earlier years, are eligible. 

Entry fee

No fee is charged for film entry.

Screening fee

We do not pay screening fees.


Festival doesn't have a competition program

Deadlines for entry


All materials needed for completing the film entry must have arrived to the festival by 23.59 at that date (local time).

Please note that it is important to enter your documentary at the earliest possible moment to facilitate previewing the films.

Format, language and version

World Film Festival accepts the following screening formats (PAL): Blu-Ray, DCP.

DVD is not eligible as a screening format

Films and videos should be in English, or in original language version with English subtitles.

Expenses and returns policy of the preview copy

All postal/shipping expenses to the festival are to be paid by the entrants, as well as all other expenses incurred, such as insurance, etc. When filling out shipment or customs forms, please assign the package a value that does not exceed 10 euros or 10 dollars and state on the envelope: “No commercial value, for cultural purposes only”.

Please note that World Film Festival will not return submitted preview materials to the entrants. 


In case of selection, the copyright holder of the film authorizes the World Film Festival to:
- use a trailer or a 4 minute clip of the production for promotional purposes (in case of short documentaries the length can be agreed separately). It will be included to the festival web site, but could be used also for promotion in social media, television or at the festival location.
- use all publicity material, including separate press kits of the film to promote the festival
- keep the preview copies of selected documentaries in its archive for non-circulating use and educational and research purposes

How to enter your film

In order to submit your film, the festival must receive:

- online screener (downloadable, English subtitles, English dialogue or voice-over) or:

- preview copy of the film on DVD or Blu-Ray (PAL) (English subtitles, English dialogue or voice-over)

The DVD's and/or film will stay in the possession of the festival for internal/educational use only, any other use will be negotiated separately with the copyright holder

- completed entry form

Selection procedure and authorizations The documentaries will be selected by the festival program committee with international expertise in social and cultural research, media and film making, including experience in visual anthropology and documentary film making.

Has your film been selected?

In case of a film being selected, the festival will notify the successful applicants by the end of June 2020. We also try to contact those whose film has not been selected, but in case no notifications received, the entrants should consider their film entry as not selected for the festival program.

Transport of the screening copy


The festival must receive the screening copy of the selected film by September 13th 2020 at the following address:

Pille Runnel, Kata Maria Metsar
World Film Festival 2020
Muuseumi tee 2
Tartu 60532

The festival will return the copy within four weeks of the end of the festival to the address specified by the applicant at the entry form.  

Transport costs
The costs of transport of all videos (both from the EU as well as from outside the EU) to the festival office are the responsibility of the applicant, but World Film Festival will pay for their return delivery to the destination of choice.

Insurance for the shipping of films and videos to and from the Estonia is the responsibility of the participants.

If sufficient funding becomes available, World Film Festival will accommodate invited filmmakers for a limited number of days. Accommodation will be in hostels, guesthouses or modest hotels. We are also working on finding funding for partial reimbursement of the travel costs for some of the filmmakers.

By submitting the film to the festival you accept World Film Festival's entry regulations.