Reborn in Westphalia

The Westphalian provincial town Hamm-Uentrop has become the capital of Tamil exile Hinduism. Here, the biggest Tamil Hindu temple in Europe was inaugurated in 2002 amidst industrial plants. Since then, colourful and sonorous ceremonies honour the goddess in the land of the down-to-earth Westphalians. In the centre of the vivid temple life stands the tireless priest Sri Paskaran. With deep faith and healthy pragmatism he faces his religious and profane duties as well as the new homeland's customs. The film accompanies the priest in his busy life and also follows his arrangements to the annual temple festival – the height of the festival calendar. 20.000 people are expected again. In the neighbourhood, the locals cultivate their own traditions during the fair featuring shooting matches. Irene sells fast-food sausages in the local snack-bar and farmer meanwhile Exsternbrink has got a holy cow in this barn. An encounter and coexistence of two universes full of contrast.

Melanie Liebheit

Melanie Liebheit born in Westphalia, Germany. Studies of Social Anthropology in Munich and Manchester. 1998 M.A. in Manchester. Currently studying in the department of documentary filmmaking and television journalism at the film academy Munich. Since 2001 temporarily working for Documentary Campus. Since 2007 co-organising the documentary film festival in Bad Aibling, Germany "nonfiktionale".


2000 LINE 19 – AN EVERYDAY JOURNEY, short documentary, 12 min.
MAUCH, documentary, 39 min. (Co-director)
2005 NIHAD, documentary, 39 min.
2008 REBORN IN WESTPHALIA, documentary, 88 min.