Soundspace “Collector Lennart Meri”

Estonian National Museum Exhibition House


Many dedicated people were involved with camerawork during the shooting of the film. Later, during editing, the cutting together of the film’s well-thought-out composition took place. The background alternates between authentic sounds and musical pieces used for the original sound composition. This work of art is completed and can be restored digitally, but that is not all. We have many interesting recordings of stories, songs, exchanges of views, examples of the coexistence of man and nature, ethnographical descriptions, as well as trances and meditations which have been left out of the film. Worldfilm 2009 presents sound examples from these film projects detailing the lives of the Finno-Ugric peoples, kept by the collector Lennart Meri as high-quality recordings made by Enn Säde. These have been brought to the public in the WORLDFILM SOUNDSPACE in the Estonian National Museum’s Exhibition House.


Thanks to the professional sound recordings made by Enn Säde it is now possible to hear these unique ethnosounds. Collecting material for his well-known artistic documentary films, Lennart Meri visited many peoples. All the materials that were not included in the film provide us with a fascinating musical insight into the everyday life of the Finno-Ugric peoples. It can be seen as a journey in the style of the “The Winds of the Milky Way“ filmsounds. By being an authentic document recorded with the recording techniques of Nagra men it should be considered as a tribute to Lennart Meri on his anniversaryby the Worldfilm Festival. The audio material includes many songs, exchanges of ideas, customs, moments of unity of man and nature, predictions, dedicated joiks, intimate conversations in front of the chum or in the farmyard. The shaman will speak about the Milky Way so, let's listen!